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Bristol Pride Ball and Awards 2018

Bristol Pride Ball and Awards ceremony was held at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery on Saturday 10th of November, which proved a fantastic setting for this now annual event.

The evening was attended by the great and the good from companies and organisations across Bristol. The GMB was represented by Wendy Weston, Secretary Avon and Wessex Branch, Jeff Sutton, President Avon and Wessex Branch, Rowena Hayward, Senior Organiser, Tim Northover, Organiser and their guests.

It was a glittering evening, fine dining and choice wines which culminated in the Award Ceremony.

There were numerous awards, Best Act, Parade Award, Best Employer, Best LGBT+ Staff network, Best Employer and Best Law firm, to name but a few.

The GMB along with Labour Bristol, KIKI Bristol, University of Bristol, UWE Bristol, Brigstowe, Airbus and Babcock were nominated for the Parade award. The lights were dimmed and the envelope opened !!!!

And the winner is  —– The GMB Union !!

The award was collected by the Branch President Jeff Sutton, who made a short but much appreciated acceptance speech on behalf of the Union. Jeff thanked the Union and members for their support and thanked everyone who attended the Parade for helping to make it the awesome event it was. GMB were the lead parade partner for 2018, and the photos from the parade show the amazing sight of a sea of GMB flags and banners – front and centre of all the colour and action.

It is also important to thank Bristol NHS Branch and the Regional Equality Committee for their financial support in the past. Thanks to Colin Pluckett and his Branch, also Ruth, Sheila and the members of the Equalities committee. We look forward to continue to work together in the future to increase the GMB profile as the leading Trade Union for Equalities in Bristol and the South West.
Pride attracts visitors from around the Country who all potential GMB members.

The award ceremony closed with Jeff thanking the organizers of Pride, Daryn Carter and Freddie Daw and the Pride committee for all their hard work.

The evening finished with music, dancing and celebrations of the nights success.

This is the fifth year that the GMB has been supporting Pride and it is true to say that the GMB in Bristol is now an integral part of Pride and the LGBT+ community. It’s now full steam ahead for 2019 and the 10th Anniversary of Pride in Bristol on 13th of July. Bristol area Branches and the region will be working together to ensure we have a bigger and even more visible presence.

Posted: 14th November 2018

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